Lancaster Massage Therapist – 5 Things to Remember AFTER Your Massage
Dr. Rick Duenas
Jessica Linares, LMT * Jenny Orr, LMT
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5 Things to remember AFTER Your Massage…

1. Make sure to properly hydrate: Massage improves circulation and encourages the release of stored toxins from body tissues into your bloodstream. Your body needs extra fluids to help flush those toxins out.

2. Side effects of massage: It is not uncommon after certain types of massage to feel lethargic, nauseous, dizzy or even have a mild headache. These side effects are due to the release of those stored toxins and drinking extra water afterwards will help to alleviate them. If you have received a deep tissue massage or had trigger point release therapy, it is not unusual to be sore in the areas which were heavily worked. It is appropriate to apply ice after your massage to reduce swelling or to apply heat to further help reduce musclesspasms and/or tight muscles. You may further benefit from applying a menthol based topical gel, such as Biofreeze or Point Relief. Your therapist should instruct you regarding aftercare as it pertains to your specific needs. As always, if you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask.

3. Don’t over-do it: After massage, you can proceed with your day as usual. However, you should allow some quiet time after your session for your body to reenter the ”real world” slowly to keep the positive physical and mental effects of the massage with you as long as possible.

4. Plan on scheduling your next visit: The effects of therapeutic massage are cumulative. Meaning results become more noticeable with each session. For most clients we recommend scheduling a massage every 4 weeks. Depending on your specific needs, we may initially recommend more frequent visits to fully address your concerns.

5. Let’s talk about tipping: The question of whether or not tips are appropriate for your massage therapist comes up regularly. In a spa setting, tips are usually expected. However, if receiving your treatment in a clinical setting, tips are always appreciated but never a requirement.