“J&J Pleads Guilty to Selling Contaminated Children’s Tylenol”

“Johnson & Johnson Pleads Guilty to Selling Contaminated Children’s Tylenol”J&J


“F***ing CROOKS! Practically all of the chemical and drug companies are serial offenders. Law breaking criminal organizations. Putting profits before human lives is in their DNA. These are the people that are educating and influencing your medical doctor”.

My sentiments as well. As a conscious parent fully aware of the implications of over-medicating children, yet by the same token understanding the reality that certain medications (like Tylenol for pain) will be needed on occasion with our little ones, it boils my blood to hear stuff like this!

After all these years in practice, it has become apparent to me that the average individual is not really fully aware of the risks, negative affects, and controversies surrounding most medications out there.

DRUGS MEDSQuite the opposite, the “take your medicine” mantra is always perceived as a positive statement, one showing that you desire for the individual to whom the words are directed, to get better. Most times, medications simply increase the person’s toxic load, rarely solve the real problem, and the symptomatic relief they may provide is often no better than placebo. Worse yet, the person’s overall toxic load increases and surely this does not contribute to better health.

Of course, we are not blind to the fact that certain patients NEED medication….such as the type 1 diabetic who depends on insulin, the elderly individual with so much tissue and joint damage that no amount of physical rehabilitation will help their intractable pain, the trauma patient about to lose life, the child who needs an inhaler,  or one who necessitates antibiotics NOT because his pediatrician falls under the well-known pressure of feeling he/she needs to prescribe “something”, but because the child has a REAL and threatening bacterial infection that has been identified and needs to be eradicated.

My take home message, as its always been and applicable to both adults and children………….is to do everything in your power to live as healthy of a lifestyle as you can, despite how long or difficult this learning curve may entail for you, so that you diminish your chances of developing more serious conditions that warrant exposure to dangerous medications.

Start simply.  Exercise a few times per week.  Drink lots of water.  Buy organic as much as your budget allows.  Avoid known toxins.  Use cleaner home products.  Eat clean. Get your spine adjusted often.  Sleep long and well.  Avoid white flour. Get a massage. Control stress levels as best you can.  All of the above noted have shown to be beneficial . You get the point.

If you do happen to develop a more serious condition, God-forbid, then exhaust as many natural solutions as possible prior to embarking on a  course that exposes you to these dangerous medications from companies that may not always have your best interest at heart.

Dr. Rick Duenas
Chiropractor and Concerned Parent