Does Massage Help With Detox?

A Clean Start For The New Year!

It’s January! Time for a new beginning and for many of us that means resolutions about our health and fitness. We make promises to eat better, to exercise more and to finally treat our bodies with the care they deserve. Eating right and exercise are the larger part
of that process, however, in order to make room in our bodies for the “good stuff ”, we need to clean out the “bad stuff”. There are hundreds of ways to detoxify our bodies, we hear about them everyday and from a dozen different sources. The options range from juice fasts and cleanses to supplements or even colonic therapy.massage1

I have a much simpler (and more enjoyable) method of ridding the body of those nasty elements that build up over time, GET A MASSAGE.

One of the key benefits of massage is that it stimulates the release of those toxins from  the body tissues and enables the body to start to purify itself. The process is much quicker than waiting for juices or supplements to take effect because a good massage reaches all areas of the body in one session. Other methods have to process through one body system (usually the digestive tract) prior to massage2reaching the rest of them. And when you take the fact that toxins are usually stored in adipose (fat) tissue, it’s logical that manual manipulation of that tissue would help release the build up. Massage also has the added benefits of soothing sore, tired muscles and helping to reduce the risk of injury from your New Years work out resolution.


So if you’re looking to kick start your detox program and improve your overall health, schedule a massage today!massage3

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