Massage Therapy Lancaster – 5 Things To Remember DURING Your Massage
Dr. Rick Duenas
Jessica Linares, LMT * Jenny Orr, LMT
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5 Things to Remember DURING Your Massage:

1. Draping: Some clients are concerned with being ”naked ” in the presence of the massagetherapist. While on the massage table you will be modestly covered at all times with eithera sheet, blanket or a towel. Only the specific area being worked on should be exposed during your session.

2. Talking: It is acceptable to talk during your massage and many newcomers to the experience find it helpful to do so if they are nervous. Open communication regarding your comfort and session is always welcome. As therapists, we will let you lead the conversation but do not expect you to talk unless it pertains directly to a question about your therapy.

3. Don’t forget to BREATHE: It is important to breathe normally during your session. It is not unusual for people to tense up or hold their breath when tender areas our work done but breathing normally helps keep you and your muscles relaxed, making the work more comfortable for you and easier for us to complete.

4. NEVER be embarrassed: Some clients find it hard to relax during their session because of physical attributes that make them self-conscious. These issues can range from body hair and unshaved legs to scars from previous injuries or even physical deformities. These things do not matter to us and should not matter to you! We are medical professionals who are here only to help give you a sense of well-being not to make you feel insecure. Everyone has something that makes them cringe when they look in the mirror, the massage room is a safe space free from those concerns.

5. YOU are in control: If it any point you feel uncomfortable let us know. Whether you do not like the pressure or a specific technique, or you need to stop altogether (for any reason), IT’S YOUR SESSION. This applies to the lighting in the room, the music being played, and the room temperature is well. Never be shy about stating your needs.