Aches and Pains That Just Won't Go Away?  Join us For Our 4-Hour Full-Body Trigger-Point Therapy Workshop!

Save money on doctor bills by learning how manage aches and pains with simple rehab tools...........a foam roller, a small ball, a plastic S-shaped device, and other low cost items.  Everyone is WELCOMED!  Prolonged use of pain medication is unhealthy and does not usually address the cause of your pain.  This workshop covers everything you need to know on becoming proactive with self -care without the need for ongoing harmful chemicals.   

When:  Saturday, August 26th , 2017

Where: Our Office 

Time:  Coffee & Goodies:  8 am - 8:30 am

              Class 8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Cost:  $99 per person.  Limited to 10

Neck and Lower Back Pain 

Headaches/ Migraines

Leg Pain 

Shoulder/Rotator Cuff Issues


Elbow & Hand Pain 

Muscle Spasms


Plantar Fasciitis 

Mid-Back Pain & Stiffness

Hip & Pelvic Pain

Tight Muscles

Numbness and Tingling

And dozens of other conditions that benefit!

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Workshop Includes:

  • 1

    25+ Page PDF With Class Information and Useful Tips.

    This 4-hour class is intense and it is impossible for participants to remember all the information we teach. We will provide you with a 25+ pages PDF with detailed pictures and written information of what we teach.

  • 2

    A Systematic Approach on Why, When, and How to Treat Trigger-Points & Muscle Issues

    Most people who have dabbled in using rehab tools for self-therapy simply do not have a complete system that they can follow to actually experience significant benefits from what they do. We can help! This class covers the A - Z's of everything related to teaching you the fundamental of self-care.

  • 3

    We Help You Create a "BODY MAP"

    During class, every participant will identify their problem areas and document them on a BODY MAP that pinpoints the area and rates it for pain. This map is taken homed and used as a guideline for self-therapy. Our office will also make a copy of this and use if for future reference should we ever see you as a patient. Doing so makes our therapy more effective.

  • 4

    20% Discount on All Self-Therapy Supplies

    Don't yet have any self-therapy tools yet? Do not worry! All who attend our workshop will also receive a 20% discount on any and all supplies purchased!

  • 5

    Most Importantly..............LEARN TO CONTROL AND RELIEVE YOUR OWN PAIN!

    In our office, patients who experience the best results are those who are proactive in self-care performed at home in between office sessions.  Of  the recommendations we give, what we teach in this class is one of the MOST IMPORTANT! We hope to see you at our workshop! Get ready to learn!

** In order for us to provide the best personal attention to every attendee, class is limited to 10.  To reserve a space, simply enter your name and email.  Staff will contact you and class fee is due immediately to reserve your spot, or arrangements for payment must be made PRIOR to the workshop.  Given the length of this workshop and the time it takes us to prepare for it, no refunds for cancellations will be issued.