kettlebellFitness and exercise are incredibly important for our well-being. Our Personal Training programs help both the athlete and non-athlete alike to get stronger, leaner, faster, and most importantly……healthier!  Dr. Duenas is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and holds an additional certification as a Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES).


Research states that musculoskeletal pain (neck, back, joints, muscles, tendons, CE !ligaments, etc.) is more common now that it was 40 years ago.  Technology and automation have contributed to this and as a result, our population has become less and less active with time.  Currently, one third of adults are estimated to be obese and bodily injuries are on the rise as our bodies have become weaker.

Within the athletic community, injuries are on the rise just as much.  Today’s athlete is like no other in the past.  They are stronger, faster, and more explosive than ever before due to improved training methods and newly developed technological advances in training equipment.    Unfortunately, they too are also RIDDEN with more injuries than ever before!  With a greater demand for coaches to lead and athletes to perform, the focus is concentrated on developing the skill set of the sport, without enough emphasis on proper condition to prevent injuries.

So….whether you are an athlete or have never worked out in your life, most individuals should begin here. 

Our Corrective Exercise Fitness Program is a short, 2-month course that combines clinical treatment WITH the inclusion of a corrective exercise program.

Our goal is to correct and to teach YOU how to correct musculoskeletal issues so that your body is well prepared to engage in any level of physical training with a reduced risk for injury.

Issues we assess for include:

*  Muscle Imbalances

*  Inhibited and Weak Muscles

*  Hyperactive/Tight Muscles

*  Posture Assessmentsskeleton

*  Hypmobile/Tight Joints

*  Dynamic Motion Assessments –       how you walk, sit, stand, squat,  pull, push, etc.

*  Proper engaging/recruitment of        muscle fibers

*  Arthritic changes (via X-ray if needed)

*  Proper motion during exercise.


1. A complete orthopedic, neurological, and fitness evaluation. In cases where indicated, x-rays may be obtained to better assess structure and/or joint damage.

2.  Weekly office visits to include spinal adjustments to improve spinal mobility and CMTfunction, soft tissue therapy to reduce trigger points/knots in muscles, assisted stretching, and modality therapies as needed (ice, heat, electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, etc.)

3. A 45-minute corrective exercise classes held once every 2 weeks, for a total of 4 classes during a 2 month span.

4. Written details and instructions on your exam findings and your customized action plan of correction.

5.  Unlimited email/phone support with the doctor and staff.

Rick Duenas, DC, CES, NASM-CPT                                                                        Chiropractor / Corrective Exercise Specialist / Certified Trainer

 Whether you have never worked out in your life or are a seasoned athlete that wants to improve their game, our Corrective Exercise Enhancement Program will help you identify issues that keep you from being and performing at your best!

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